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quotes ^^

I won't always live for these times
I'm not goin to live forever
get the best you can out of life
now before it's over.

The sunset is something I watch everyday
at six o'clock I look into the sky
But it never looked so beautiful before I met you
that it made me want to cry.

The reason why I can't let myself fall for you,
is because I've hit solid ground so many times.

I'm not going to live forever,
But always is a long time to love a person.

When I look at you
you used to be so tough, unbreakable, cautious.
But now you see my face and melt,
your weak, I see it.
Then you grin that gorgeous smile
the one where your dimples show
and your eyes squint.
Then I look away because I can't face the fact,
that someone loves me.

I can't help it baby
this is who I am.
I'm sorry but I can't just
go turn off how I feel.
You kill me.
you build me up but just to watch me break.
I know what I should do but I just can't
walk away.

All written by me; except for the last one :)
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